Tuesday, February 28, 2012

End of the Season, Recruiting, and other stuff

So, we (Green River Community College) just ended our women's season, where we ended up 5 & 19 for the year. We struggled mightily with turnovers, as we lacked a "true" point guard; we split the duties between two true 2-guards and a 3/4 hybrid that can handle it. We weren't the most proficient rebounding team as well, but we hung around enough to be competitive on the glass.

Our big issues were definitely the turnovers, and sometimes our ladies were just flat and we got blown out of the gym by teams that just outworked us. Skill-wise, our ladies should have been more competitive, but for whatever reason, there were times when we didn't lay it all on the line. That is the mystery of coaching women, at least it is to me. Our head coach often stated "there are no buttons to push with this group" meaning that it was tough to have a go-to motivator.
We have 6 freshmen that should be returning, 5 of whom played solid minutes this season. We do get to work with our players in the offseason, so I know that I am excited as the guy who will be doing a lot of the individual workouts.

Recruiting...wow. This is the one thing that is a huge change from coaching high school. Thankfully I haven't had to do much beyond identifying players to go after, but I do know that we are recruiting outside of Green River's area to try and get some players to improve on our 5-19 record.

Finally, here's a quick little set for your playbook:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

1-3-1 Lob

Here is a lob play I stole from a local high school girls team. Pretty simple action. 1 starts with ball and swings to 2. On 2's catch 3 screens the middle of the zone and 4 screens the back of the zone. 2 looks to lob to 5 for a short jumper or layup.