Monday, April 27, 2009

Shot Clock in Washington State Boys Hoops

On Friday, April 24 the WIAA voted in a 35 second shot clock for Boys' Basketball in the state of Washington, making this state only the 8th state with a shot clock for boys. Even as a coach that likes to push tempo and speed up the pace of the game, I do not like the shot clock. I think it will lead to a lot of negative factors being brought into our great game.
The main argument has been that going to a shot clock "helps get the players ready for college basketball." Well, here's my argument: Only 20% of the high school boys basketball players in the state play at the next level--this is a rough estimate people, and it may be even less! Why, then, are the people in charge voting in this change that will only benefit 20% of the athletic population????
The next thing that I believe--at the 4a, 3a level it might not make much difference. Most of the teams at those levels have fairly even talent levels. There aren't huge disparities in styles of play. My thinking is that at the 1b, 2b, 1a levels there might be some teams that have one or two very serious basketball players, and have the rest filled out with just guys coming out to have a good time. At these lower levels, sometimes it is necessary to manage tempo and keep the more talented team from having possessions. With the shot clock, the teams that are at a serious talent disadvantage are going to suffer some awful blowouts that they might have been able to avoid.

I'm hopeful that the issue is at least revisited after a season or two.

Monday, April 20, 2009

First Post

This is my attempt at joining the world of Blogging. Look here for hoop tidbits, opinions on life, and probably some good random rants.